It is very hard to find websites that can complete assignments before the deadline. There are plenty of options to choose from, but the point of comparison is the price rates. There are many things by which we choose assignment services and the price is one of the most important. Students always look for a site which gives them the best price. Review- disastrous experiences!

This article is based on Review. These are based on the opinions of the students who have used the services of this site. The review is focused on the prices, deadlines, query resolution and other factors. After going through this review, you will know whether you should take assistance from InstantAssignmentHelp or not.


Price based review

The price of the assignments depends on the type of experts hired by the company to do the job. Most of the times, students are even ready to pay double to get their assignments done from these experts. But, on several occasions, we have found that instead of the expert’s companies like InstantAssignmentHelp use novice freelancers to complete the assignments.

It is obvious that if the students order at a high price, they will expect good quality assignment and that too before the deadline. But, what if it gets delayed?

Recently, we did a survey and took opinions of the students who used InstantAssignmentHelp and got to know that it is one of the most expensive sites.

Very Expensive!

The price of the content depends on categories such as generic assignment, business proposal, case study, course work, essay, power-point presentation, or others. Also, they have sub-divided the writing. It is categorised as guaranteed 2:2 standard, guaranteed 2:1 standard and guaranteed first class. The price of the content varies from standard to standard.

In actual this standardization is a trick. No student would like to get poor standard writing if paying a huge amount. Therefore, these standards are just a trick to fool the students.

Review from Oliver Brown (London Metropolitan University:

“I ordered an assignment of guaranteed 2:1 standard. I must they fooled me. I received very poor assignment. I wonder what they will deliver in the name of 2:2 standard!! Instantassignmenthelp is way too costly and not even worth a penny.”

Price of InstantAssignmentHelp also depends on the deadline. As the duration reduces, the price of the assignment goes higher. For instance, if you are ordering an assignment of 10 pages which includes 2500 words, then you have to pay, £ 227, if you want it in one day, and £ 110, if you want it in ten days.

After some research on the internet and listening to the experiences of the students who took services from instantassignmenthelp, we realized that it is an expensive service and can give disastrous experience for students. Review from Henry Shepherd (The Robert Gordon University):

“InstantAssignmentHelp is worst. One the most high-cost assignment services on the internet today. The content is not even good. I would suggest everyone search and choose any site other than this one.”

In conclusion, we would say, if you are looking for a company that can give you a good assignment at a reasonable price, choose a site other than InstantAssignmentHelp.

We hope this InstantAssignmentHelp Review will lead you on the right path and help you in some way.












  • Nice User Interface


  • Poor Assignment Quality
  • Plagiarized work
  • Never Meet the deadline

4 thoughts on “ Review- Big Disaster!”

  1. It is a worst website , Totally Waste of money and time, Whoever said its a good website, they are lying ,This website is absolutely trash,do not trust them!

  2. Worst service! No customer support system. They are very rude and don’t do the work as promised and they took all my money, I have failed in one of the assignment due to their poor work and they are not ready to accept it. Avoid this website!

  3. Avoid this Website for Assignments related help, They are copy paste expert. Do not know how to do the given the task.Not professional at all. Worst experience ever. Stay away, Guys!

  4. Worst experience! Do not deal with them they just think how to get money from you. I post an Assignment ,when I read the reviews of their website I change my decision and cancel it. Do not use this website.

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