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I am a student of the University of Bristol, pursuing MSc management. It is about a year ago when I started my higher studies. The university demands the students to submit many assignments of different subjects. May be I wasn’t ready to handle that pressure, or maybe it was difficult to cope up with all those assignments. I ended up getting poor marks in my first semester. I felt so depressed at that time that I stopped talking to my friends and even made them feel worried about me. review

One of my friend Monica came to me after that and asked me about the reason behind my behavior. I told her everything. She is a different university, and she listens to all the difficulties that I went through. As I told her about the problems, I asked her for a solution to it. She told me about the online assignment help services on the internet. I wasn’t sure about these services but because I didn’t have any better solution than this, so I thought of trying it.

I went back home and searched for assignment services on the internet. I was shocked by the results. As some moments ago I didn’t have any idea if services like these even exist and now I had plenty of options to choose from. There were enough sites to get any first timer confuse on making a choice. I went through many sites, checked their webpages, the price that was given on the web page, the discounts that they guaranteed, and many other things.

Some of these sites made it easy for me not to choose them, as many of them had such a poor webpage that anyone would think of rejecting it in the first go. But, on the other sites, many of the sites like GlobalAssignmentHelp had such a great web page that I couldn’t get my eyes off. But, I had to make my choice because I needed to submit my assignment within seven days. I choose GlobalAssignmentHelp at that time. As their webpage was the most attractive one.

Also, not just the web page but, they had mentioned such a great discount deals that it was making the amount of the assignment looking perfectly affordable. They even covered the subject, of which I needed the assignment. So I talked to their support team for more confirmation. The support team asked me to trust them and promised me to deliver the best quality content. They even gave me a guarantee that, there won’t be any delay in the delivery of the assignment. On top of which they added, that in their three- four years of history, they have never failed to meet any deadline. I was sure about them. The support team was successful in making me trust them.

So, I placed the order and waited for it to get delivered. I had an assignment of 16 pages with a deadline of five days. The amount that they charged me was reasonable, that’s what Monica said when I told her the amount. GlobalAssignmentHelp delivered the assignment on the fifth day itself. As I had no time to get the assignment checked, I thought of submitting the assignment directly.

As soon as my teacher gave the assignment back, the grades made me realized that it wasn’t worth that much money. I got a “B” in that assignment which was no better than what I achieved by myself. I was disappointed by my grades and the reason behind that was GlobalAssignmentHelp. After all, if the best quality content of any website can only assist in getting a “B” grade, then it is of no use.

In the end, I would like to tell everyone that it was the first and the last time that I took help from this site. This the fakest site with the most manipulative support team ever. The quality of their content is the weakest. Now I know all that because since then I have used many other services. I have found GlobalAssignmentHelp the worst of them all.

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