This review is sent to us by James Geller of the University of Edinburgh.

Greetings to all the readers. My name is James Geller. I am a student at the University of Edinburgh, currently pursuing my MBA. I have done my schooling as well as my graduation from Germany and now I got an opportunity to pursue my Master’s from the UK, and I thought of it as a great opportunity. To get a best assignment website, the main thing is to read the reviews of online sites. How i went on a site named Reviews- assignments at pocket-friendly prices and thought that their reviews are real. Read my experience below:

Starting Of my journey with Online Services- Disappointing :/

So, I joined the university here. My third semester has started recently. Though now everything is great in my academic life, there was a time in the middle of the first semester when things were difficult for me. I wasn’t familiar with the culture of getting the internal assessment marks by the submission of the assignments. All the students of different universities of the UK would relate with me on this.

Teachers gave us assignments covering different subjects and topics, which we need to submit within the given time. This submission of the assignment becomes the base for us to score good grades in the internal assessment. Which in the end improves our semester grades.

Started Searching For Help- Came out The opposite way!

As I wasn’t familiar with this kind of culture, I scored poor grades in my first semester. I just manage to pass in that semester, which was not good for my overall MBA score. My career and my future depended on it completely. The biggest problem was the number of assignments. I could have managed to submit all the assignments on time if there was only one assignment for each subject.

But, the difficult task was that the teachers gave three-four assignments of each subject, and there were seven subjects in my first semester. On top of that, sometimes teachers ended up giving us assignments on the same date. It felt almost impossible to submit the assignments of different subjects on the same date.

Burden was much!

 The last assignment that my teacher gave me was of organizational behavior, and I was supposed to submit it within five days. Also, my first-semester exam was after eight days. So, at that time I got confused between, whether I should study for my semester exams or should I prepare and submit my assignment on time.

I took the submission of the assignment lightly and chose to study for my exams. It was the external score which made me pass in that semester. The overall score of that semester, especially in organizational behavior was poor.

Came Across reviews-  Disappointing!

My first semester’s score did clear that, if I want good grades I will have to submit all the assignments on time, that too of great quality. So, I thought of taking googles help in this situation. I was searching for “writing quality assignments”, and as I scroll down, I saw a result about assignment services.

It was a new thing for me, and I opened the link. That was the time I got to know about the existence of websites providing assignment helping services. As I searched further I had a list of many sites which covered the same service. was the site which attracted me at that time, so I thought of trying its services. So, I started reading the experiences of clients on reviews.

Nothing was same as mentioned on the reviews

Therefore I went on to check their web page, I found it fine at that, as it was the first time that I was watching any such site. I thought of going with the flow as it covered the subject I needed the assignment on. The negative part was, there was no option or link to show the price of the assignment.

They just had an e-form, in which I was supposed to put all the details like the number of assignment pages, the deadline, budget, the email address and others. This is the only site I have seen under which per page price of the assignment was not mentioned. I know it now as I have used many other services since then.

Fake Promises!

As the price factor got me confused, I thought of contacting the customer support team. They gave me an estimation of the price and promised me that the quality of the content which they provide is worth more than the price that they quote. On their rating portal i have read the reviews and i was quite satisfied with reviews. Hence, I trusted them, placed the order, and waited for the assignment to deliver.

They delivered the assignment within the deadline, and I submitted the assignment in the college. Teacher gave me a “B” in that assignment which was not at all worth the price I paid for the assignment.

Overall, I was disappointed by the service I received. I think they charge too much in exchange of which the quality of the assignments delivered is not up to the mark.I want to conclude that there are many online sites mentioned fake reviews and ratings. Like i have read on the reviews. They are totally opposite of what they have mentioned.












  • Good chat support


  • Poor Assignment Quality
  • Burst content
  • Plagiarized work

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