I am currently pursuing my masters from King’s College London. Management is the field in which I am interested. Our professors give us a lot of assignments. It is important for us to submit all of them on time if we want good grades. I didn’t have any problem in the starting, as my field of interest is management. But, there are other subjects as well, like quants and business law, which I can’t handle well.


Sometimes, it becomes a little hard to submit assignments of all the subjects. Professors think they are giving assignments of their subject only. But, it becomes a burden on students, as we have to submit assignments of many subjects, sometimes on the same dates.

In the starting of the semester, I tried and somehow managed to submit the assignments of all the subjects. Though I haven’t scored less than an “A” in any of the management subject, I got a “C” in Quants and a “B+” in Business Law, which had a bad impact on my semester grades.

I was confused, so I thought of taking help from google. Google helped me by showing me the “steps for writing a good Business Law assignment”. I thought of going with the flow in next assignment. This time I managed a “B” in Business law and a “B+” in marketing management assignment. Things got worst.

I discussed it with one of my seniors at college, and they suggested me to take help from online websites which provide help in assignment writing. So, again I googled and checked many sites. Thoroughly went through their web pages. It was my first time, so I found these sites very expensive. Some of the sites had rates like £ 30 per page for one page of law assignment.

Finally, I saw this site named AllAssignmentHelp.co.uk.

First thing first, AllAssignmentHelp.co.uk was the only site I found covering so many topics and almost all the subjects. On top of that, it covers quite a wide variety of content writing. They give services like assignment writing, essay writing, report writing, dissertation, thesis, and many others.

Talking about the prices, I found it to be the best. Their starting price is of £8 per page if the deadline is of ten days. Though, the price increases gradually, with the deadline and the number of pages, but AllAssignmentHelp.co.uk covers it up with their astonishing discounts. Talking about the discounts, this site gave me a discount of 20% on the total amount, because I used their service for the first time. The best thing about the site was its customer support team. Allow me to explain you how!

The assignment that I ordered was covering 25 pages, under which 6250 words were supposed to be there. Also, I needed the assignment in three days, so it was showing a total of £450. I found that a bit out of my budget, so I tried connecting with their customer service team on live chat. First of all, they replied in seconds, without wasting a single minute of mine. They gave me a discount of 10% on the assignment, and because I was ordering for the first time, they gave me an extra 20% off which brought the total amount of the assignment to an overwhelming amount of £324 only.

I found their customer support team very supportive, they even connected me with their experts and cleared up all my doubts. They delivered the assignment one day earlier, because of which I had two days spared with me, to check the assignment.

The only doubt that I had on the assignment was the quality of it. So, as soon as I got the assignment delivered, I took it to my senior to get it checked. He did not find any mistake in it, and I was sure that at least this time I’m not going to score poorly.

I submitted my assignment in college on time, and finally, I got an “A” in business law as well.

I would rate this site a 5 out of 5 as it is because of them that I scored this well in my current semester. AllAssignmentHelp.co.uk is the best of all the sites in the UK, and I am completely satisfied with their work.

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