Today, students find it difficult to complete their assignments on time. Even if they want to get good grades, they fail to achieve them. The reason behind that is technology. Technology has added so much to everyone’s life that it becomes hard for them to get time for their selves. Students are busy with social media and so many other things. Technology is not a problem though, it is just that students need to learn how to utilise it in the best way. All they need to learn is to maintain a balance in their personal, social and, educational life. After all, education is also important.

If technology has made it difficult for the students to focus on particular things, then it is the technology only, which has helped them as well.


Today, there are a lot of websites available to make it easier for the students to get assignment help online. There are plenty of sites available on the internet, which makes it easier for the students to submit their assignments on time. If chosen properly, some of these sites even provide assignments which guarantee good grades.

We thought of involving students into all this and did a survey to know how many students know about these websites. Also, which one do they think is best in the matter of assignments and other content! The name which we got from 92% of the students was, Based on the opinions of the students, we are sharing a review on Also, we will be sharing some of the student’s comments on the same.


The reliability of the services which a site provides can be checked by its range of the services available. is successful in attracting the students, as it has the highest range of services available. May be it is the only site on the internet today, which is covering almost all the subjects, topics, courses and others that students might be looking. On top of that, it is not limited to assignment writing only but covers essay writing, dissertation, thesis, and what not.

Some of the services that provide are Management assignments, Finance/Accounting assignments, Computers/IT assignments, Dissertation& Essay help, Coursework, and many others,

Students, while searching on the internet look for different sites and ends up on the one which can provide them with the assignment of the subject that they need in an affordable amount. Talking about the affordability, price rate is the second thing which students check, while searching for sites. Which leads us to our next criteria.

Pricing, Discounts and Payment policy

Students get attracted to the site which doesn’t feel heavy on their pocket. What can be better than a site whose starting price is 9 USD! Yes, that is what charges for one page in the deadline of 10 days. Though as the deadline goes steeper, the rates increase. But in the words of students, is charging the most affordable price out of all the writing services available on the internet.

If you are thinking of buying an assignment of ten pages, which will cover 2500 words and need it in just three days. The approximated amount their web page show will be of $160 – $170.

The amount mentioned there is an approximate amount because there are discounts applicable on the amount. Talking about discounts, gives a straight 20% off on the total amount, to the students who are using their services for the first time. Other than that, their customer support team provides a discount of 15-20% on every assignment.


According to the satisfaction level of the students in the survey, the quality of the assignments which provides looks great. Also, to win the trust of students, this site guarantees that, the assignment will be written again for free if found copied.

Other than that, has showcased some of their writing samples on their web page. The quality of the blogs and other writings there is tremendous.

Customer Support

Webpage sometimes can confuse students a little. But if a customer support team is there to help them, then it becomes easier for students and makes them feel more comfortable. has a customer support team which is there for students 24/7. Which means they listen to every student’s complaint, doubt and other related problems. In return to which, gives them a solution for everything in the most polite way possible.

Roney Morgan, from The University of California, Los Angeles, said:

“I needed a management assignment in 4 days, and it was 15 pages, the price calculator of was showing an amount of $225. So I thought of talking to their customer care team, I talked to Sarah, she talked to me politely. Even told me about 20% off because it’s my first time that I took services from them and she even gave me a discount of 15% on the total amount. The customer support team of this site is very helpful.”

In conclusion, covers a lot in their services. With that, they also provide good discounts, and even their prices are affordable. The customer support team is polite and available 24/7.

Overall, it is a great assignment service provider, and students can look up to it.

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